COLOR THE SHELVES: Interview with Chloe Gong, author of These Violent Delights

Hello friends and welcome to Color the Shelves!

I’m here today with one of my most anticipated releases and I’m sure…one of yours as well. I’m bringing you an interview with Chloe Gong, the author of These Violent Delights, one of the very few books that completely destroyed me this year (where do I send my therapy bill?). If you’re looking forward to this book, you’re in for a treat, and if for some reason you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re ALSO in for a treat and here is why: These Violent Delights is a Romeo and Juliette retelling set in 1920s Shanghai where two gangs are not only fighting each other but also a mysterious monster that’s spreading a plague through their ranks, and city.

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