COLOR THE SHELVES: Writing All the Words Unspoken, knowing I’d be shunned and shamed by Serena Kaur

Hello friends and welcome to Color the Shelves!

As we’re nearing the end of the Color the Shelves 2020 (only one more post to go…wow), the post aren’t getting any less important and relevant. Today I’m bringing you a guest post that’s especially dear and near to my heart because I saw a lot of myself in it and I know it’ll speak to a lot of readers too. Serena Kaur, author of ALL THE WORDS UNSPOKEN is joining me on the blog today with an essay talking about what it was like for her writing this story while knowing that the topics that she decides to explore in it are going to put her under scrutiny from her community, if not worse. I think this is a post where a lot of people from “conservative” communities will see their experiences reflected.

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