To sum-up: July 2019

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Hello friends!

I disappear yet again. huh? I really have been slacking at this blogging thing lately and I’m not sure what to tell you about it haha, but I have what I think are valid reasons I will get into in the rest of the post. Continue reading


To sum-up: June 2019

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Hello friends!

I’m not sure if I hate life or if life hates me. I SO did not mean to disappear completely this month and for that I apologize but this month was a HOT MESS so buckle up for a lengthy wrap-up. Continue reading

Word Wonders’ Blogging and Reading Round-up – 2018

2018 Round up

Hello friends!

I’m honestly so proud of myself for getting these yearly wrap-up posts on time for the first time since I started blogging! I was determined to not take a hiatus even with exams around and I HAVE SUCCEEDED, some posts take me multiple days to write but at least I didn’t neglect my blog completely AND stayed on schedule. Like the title picture says I had an amazing reading year, I discovered audiobooks, read more than I have ever before and added some new all time favourites to my forever growing list. But my blogging SUFFERED, but eh, I decided to stop being hard on myself for that and just try to do better moving forward. Continue reading