Summer break is Here and so Am I


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Hello friends!


Either way, I missed this blog, visiting others blogs and talking to everyone! During these two months I thought about starting to schedule posts ahead of time to make my return easier for me, but has it happened?… NOPE. I’d wake up motivated but by the time I finish studying, I’d be so exhausted that I’d flop down face first on my bed. So I’m writing this post Sunday, meaning last night when you’re reading this. So much for being ahead of things… Continue reading


To sum-up: March 2018

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Hello friends !

March has been quite the rough month for me to be honest in all aspects of life, mentally, physically, life-ly, you think about it, I was having a hard time at it. Buuuut I had some decision making to do and once that was done I started feeling a bit better and things started looking up so let’s cross our fingers, they keep doing that way. Continue reading

To Sum-up: February 2018

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Hello friends !

Another month has come and gone and yours truly has settles back into the routine of school, rotations, blog, reading, etc etc. It’s been a good month overall. Ups and downs but good. I think.

(This post was supposed to go up yesterday but it was missing a graphic and I was having too shit of a night to make it)

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Word Wonders’ Reading and Blogging Round up – 2017

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Hello friends !

I know, I KNOW this post is like a month and a half late BUT as we all know, I was on hiatus in January so really, there wasn’t any other time I could’ve posted it. This year was amazing blogging and reading wise, my blog growth was steady, I read great books, blogged about them and about other topics that are dear and near to my heart, etc etc. I don’t have much else to say haha (a first, I know) so without further ado, let’s dive into this year’s summary.

Here’s the one from last year if you fancy a comparaison. Continue reading

To Sum-up: December 2017 & January 2018

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Hello friends !

I’M BAAAACK !!!! Have you missed me? You probably didn’t notice I was gone for a month so it’s okay hahaha. I had briefly addressed it in my November wrap-up but yeah, I took a hiatus for the whole of January because I had exams for the first three weeks and I used the rest of the month to just wind down and get ahead of my blogging game. So now I am fully back and ready to annoy y’all with my ramblings again. Continue reading

To sum-up: October 2017

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Hello guys,

So another month has come and gone and it’s suddenly november… WHAT? Like, we’re two months away from the end of 2017 (which was a trashfire, mind you) and my brain genuinely can’t compute. HOW DID IT GO SO FAST? Anyway, I will keep freaking out internally and get on with this wrap-up.

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To Sum-up: June 2017

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Hello guys !

This month was a very weird one for yours truly. Full of ups, downs and surprising, all of which were so freaking exhausting because I just couldn’t keep up. Which means my reading suffered considering how much free time I had.


This was my first month of summer vacation and although I didn’t have school I was still highly stressed waiting for exam results as well as for some personal reasons that you might know of if follow me on Twitter. That being said, Ramadan was very welcome because this month would’ve been much worse to handle if I didn’t have that to focus on and try my best to do good at.

Then my exam results were out on the 15th and the week after was a week from hell. So here’s how it went. Remember I had told you I did super well on my exams and was proud of myself, right? Well all my results showed it but one. ONE. They gave me an 8.75/20 which wasn’t enough to pass and said I had to resit it. I just couldn’t understand for the life of me how that happened, I felt cheated and defeated. Luckily, I had friends by my side (IRL and on the internet) who were there for me and gave me strength so I requested that my paper be regraded and they  realized they made a FREAKING MISTAKE so now I don’t have to resit it. And I am so happy about that because as much as I actually loved the subject I don’t think I had it in me to study again.

That was the traumatizing event of the month. After that I went to my aunt’s house in Marrakech for Eid celebrations, ate lots of yummy food, well no my family had the food because my stomach was (and still is) upset because I’m lactose intolerant and had whole milk Starbucks.

There’s also some other stuff that is a little too personal to share on here but it’s stuff that makes me very happy so YAY.


2017 - June

Ok so even if quantity wise this wasn’t the greatest, it was fantastic quality wise. As you can see I loved nearly all of them and I can’t even express how much all of those 5 star reads mean to me, all for different reasons. All of these were for Ramadan Readathon which was lots of fun to do and I hope I can participate next year as well.

Other than those, I read 2 unpublished books, both of which are written by friends of mine and both of which were amazing !! Which rounds it up to 6 books and that number isn’t too bad haha.


  • Future Leaders of Nowhere – Emily O’Beirne                             3 stars
  • Written in the Stars – Aisha Saeed                                               5 stars
  • Haven – Rebekah Weatherspoon                                                   4.5 stars
  • The Rose Society – Marie Lu                                                           4 stars
  • Lambs Can Always Become Lions – Charlotte A. Hamilton     4.5 stars



I haven’t been awesome at bloghopping but I’m getting there, okay?

To Sum Up Titles.jpg

2017 Diversity Bingo Update.png

Here you can find the original sheet and a bunch of recommendations.

I’m pretty proud of my progress on this one, not gonna lie. I added 4 books this month which I was planning on getting 5 but since I couldn’t get Saints & Misfits the 5th didn’t happen.


Hopefully I lot more blog-hopping and presence in the community in general, I feel like I’ve been neglecting it and I’m sad about that. I’m also going back to my normal blogging schedule of  3 posts a week, but with a slight change:

  • Monday: Discussion
  • Wednesday: Miscellaneous (extra-review, tag, award, recommendations, etc…)
  • Friday: Review

I also have a very promising (and a little too ambitious TBR) and I haven’t been excited about reading so many books in a long time so YAY !

Last but not least, my friend Charlotte and I made and Instagram account (@diverseaesthetics) where we share aesthetics for books we’ve read and I’ll be sharing some of mine with the corresponding reviews. I’ll love you forever if you follow it *hugs*.


That’s it until next time.

Did you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

What books did you read this month? Oh! And if you have any posts you think I should check out, leave them in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.