(Some) Book Blogging Pressures & How to Fight them

Blogging Pressures

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Book Blogging is a wonderful adventure, but it does not come without its downsides. And I’ve been meaning to write an unfiltered post about book blogging pressures I and many (if not all) of you have felt at least once along the way. But I never knew how exactly I wanted to approach it and just siting all the ways in which book blogging stresses me out sometimes just didn’t feel quite right for how I envisioned this post unfolding, especially since it’s something quite a few awesome bloggers have talked about before. Then a few days ago, it dawned on me, while struggling with all these things, I also picked up some ways so battle them or at least make them easier to handle so why not rant about them AND share the tips I’ve picked up along the way. Continue reading


#DiverseBookBloggersDiscuss: Inclusivity – Booktube vs. Book Blogging


I haven’t been in the bookish community for very long, in April it will actually be a year. The decision to be a book reviewer was it a quick one, but what platform to use; that was a harder decision. Book blogging or booktube? Continue reading

My Productivity Tools – Or how to be a Master Organizer!

Productivity tools.png

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If there’s one question I’ve been getting over and over and over again for the last two years or so is “but!!! FADWA!!! How do you manage to stay on op of blogging on top of everything else?” and let me tell you, it’s called Anxiety. Well, that and having a Virgo mother but, details. On a more serious note, a huge part of the reason behind me being so organized and on top of everything really is anxiety, I can’t really rest if it’s nagging at the back of my brain, so I HAD to find a way to visualize everything I have to do and actually…you know…do it. In this post I will share EVERYTHING I use to maximize my productivity in the hopes that some of it works for you as well.

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#DiverseBookBloggersDiscuss: Busting some Indian myths & stereotypes


Hey guys! My name is Prags and I have been blogging for about 3 years now, on and off. My time in the community, and western media, has taught me that there are certain preconceived notions, myths, and stereotypes surrounding people of South Asian descent and I thought it would be a good time to share the truth about some of them! I want you to keep in mind that though these are general South Asian stereotypes, I can only speak from an Indian perspective since I am an Indian and I am not versed with the lifestyle of people living in other South Asian countries, even though all of us do have many things in common. So, from here on, I shall be using the term Indian as compared to South Asian. Continue reading

#DiverseBookBloggersDiscuss: The Fantasy of Historical Romance


Historical Romance is a fantasy. It’s one that we as readers choose to engage in again and again for pleasure. It promises us the one thing that is promised in all genre romance: a happily ever after. However, the question that we need to ask ourselves as readers is: who is able to get their happily ever after? The answer to that question is closely connected to another: whose stories are being told in Historical Romance? Unpacking those questions requires looking critically at the books that are being published. Continue reading

Emoji book recommendations – You choose an emoji, I give you a book!

Emoji book Recs

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Last week, I tweeted out something pretty vague and cryptic, asking twenty people to pick random emojis for reasons (yes, you guessed it, this post is the reason) but then I got 52 people suggesting emojis hahaha so I had more than enough to choose from and the way I went about it is that I looked at the emoji, if it reminded me of a book or felt like it could, I kept it! If it felt too niche and didn’t, I didn’t use it! And THAT’s how I’ve narrowed it down to the 20 emojis I’m basing my recommendations on. I’m going to try my hardest to recommend books I don’t talk about a lot already. Continue reading

Spreading the Love: Favourite Booktubers

Blog Talk.png

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Today on the blog, I’m having another Spreading the Love post but booktubers’ edition. I love doing these posts so much because I love gushing about people in the community who do good work and inspire me to do the same as well. That and their content never fails to be entertaining no matter the topic. I already talked about 10 of my favourite bloggers and 10 of my favourite bookstagrammers. So, now, you have 10 of my favourite booktubers. And as per usual, I have WAY more so I’m planning another one of these posts at some point in the year.

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My Bookstagramming process + Helpful tips and tricks

Bookstagram process.png

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At the end of last month, I reached 1000 followers on my Bookstagram so I thought what better time to take you all through my bookstagramming process than to celebrate hitting this milestone? I’m in no way, shape or form an expert, I started my account less than a year because I love taking *aesthetic* pictures of books. And since I’m still relatively new, I might as well walk you through everything from one newbie to another, whether you have an account or are thinking of making one.

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Year Of the Asian Reading Challenge sign-up + tracking post – #YARC2019


Hello friends!

You are probably wondering, what in the hell is this? Well, FRET NOT, I will explain! Amazing bloggers and friends of mine, cw, Lily, Vicky and Shealea are hosting a year long reading challenge to celebrate books by Asian authors, especially with how many are getting released this year, with some fun prompts, challenges and chats that are also optional so it’s all very chill and low stakes. You can read all about it in the sign up post here.

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Cover Reveal – GRAHAM’S DELICACIES by Em Ali + EXCERPT !!!

New Design Announcement

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I’m so beyond the moon excited about today’s post, because I have the honor to introduce the world to the cover of Em Ali’s second book, GRAHAM’S DELICACIES, which is a collection of three short stories. If I had to describe the author’s works in four words, it’s: QUEER AF, SOFT AF (Yes, af if one word, don’t talk to me). So believe me, you really don’t want to miss out on this cover reveal nor the book itself! This post will include the cover, the jacket, which are both STUNNING, as well as the kind of representation the book includes and trigger warnings.

I’m going to stop teasing y’all, so without further ADO, here’s the cover: Continue reading