Review Policy


I am currently closed to all review requests.

I am accepting books for review from all age groups by minority authors. You can check my TBR for the books I want to read sometime in the future. You can contact me via e-mail at . They can either be Arcs or finished copies. I accept  any format though my preference goes to physical copies. I also have a Netgalley account on which I’m registered with the same email address.

All reviews are my own opinions and my critique of the book has nothing to do with the author personally. I judge the work, not the person. So please, don’t hate on me if I ever give any of your books a negative review, as I will never disrespect anyone that was a part of its making, so it is only fair I expect the same treatment.

If the title is requested, you can 100% expect a review of it going on my blog close to the release date unless asked otherwise. If not, I may write a full length review as I might just feature the book in another post. I’ll usually answer e-mail only for the books I’m interested in acquiring.

My reviews are also posted on Goodreads.


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  • Memoirs and Biographies
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