Hello Anxiety, my old friend. – #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

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Hello friends!

Since I started my blog, especially in the past year or so, I’ve talked in length about my anxiety, most times in wrap ups, sometimes in random posts when it felt relevant but I have never dedicated a post to it and so that’s what we’re doing today. Why, you ask? Because 1/ It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and 2/ my anxiety has been getting worse the past couple weeks or so after being very manageable and almost forgettable since mid-January. And let me tell you. No matter how many lows I have after a high, the lows will always fucking suck. There’s really no getting used to them. Continue reading


WORD WONDERS’ TBR EXPANSION : Book with Anxiety representation

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Hello guys !

A whole month has gone by and it’s time again for a recommendations’ list and this month’s isn’t as extensive as the previous ones and definitely not as extensive as I would’ve wanted it to be. This month’s theme is Books with Anxiety representation because October 10th was Mental Health Awarness and even though I’m a few days late that’s what sparked this post. And while researching for it, aside from the fact that anxiety rep is severely lacking as a whole (which I expected but still surprised me) I came to two realizations:

  1. Anxious POC are almost inexistant in books.
  2. Anxiety in SFF doesn’t exist either.

I will try to include content warnings for as many of them. The ones that I couldn’t find content warnings for will have a (*) in front of their titles. Continue reading