MUSLIM VOICES RISE UP – My relationship with my faith and sexuality (on asexuality)

6- Muslim and Ace

Salaams friends,

Welcome to Muslim Voices Rise Up, a month-long project taking place during Ramadan where Muslim authors and bloggers share their experiences on various topics. This project is dedicated to centering Muslim experiences and showcasing the diversity within our own narratives. You can find more info, along with other blog posts for this project, on the introduction post. Today’s post is by one of my favourite humans ever, my dear friend and romance author, Em Ali, and they’re here to share a personal piece about their relationship with faith and their asexuality and let me tell you, it’s a great one that’s going to hit close to home for a lot of people. So without further ado, I’ll leave you with their words.

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#DiverseBookBloggersDiscuss: Why Asexual representation is Important



For most of my life, I’ve been a reader. I’ve read just about everything—science fiction, fantasy, contemporary, etc. No matter which genre, there was always romance. Even if it wasn’t the focus of the story, love was never too far. Every novel described what it felt like to fall in love: the pounding of a heartbeat, desire for touch and affection, and the devastation of a heartache. While I never failed to absorb the feelings written, I’d never truly related to that heart-stopping rush of emotions these authors described so vividly. Continue reading