TAG #26: The Emoji Book Tag

Hello guys!

In this day and age, technology is EVERYWHERE so it’s only natural that at some point it get mixed with books and gives birth to Something that is great and could turn hilarious in a span of seconds. What I am talking about here is the Emoji book tag which I really like the idea of because a/ I love emojis and use them all the damn time and b/ I love books (duhh!!) So what could possibly go wrong?!


I was tagged by Icebreaker694 a gazillion years back so thank you! And also, sorry for being so late, I’m crap.

The rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Use your 5 most recent emojis and chose a book that goes along with it.
  • Tagged some awesome people.

I’m using my WhatsApp emojis as a reference, since that’s my main texting plateform. I might need too warn you that my emoji game is on fleek and that I’m a sassy person so… I can’t guarantee what this tag’s outcome will be.

Cover = Goodreads page.

heart-eyes       Stephanie Perkins - (#3) Isla and the Happily Ever After

What I use it for: Hmm.. So this is… like… more when my friends and I are talking about cute guys on the group chat. *Awkward laugh*

Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins is a book that has in it one of my favorite bookish boyfriends of all times. Josh *swoons*. He’s just so so sexy and confident and artsy and gentle and romantic. AND JUST PERFECT. Here’s my review, go read it and come flail with me.

middle-finger     Alwyn Hamilton - Rebel of the Sands

What I use it for: When a friend frustrates/angers me on purpose. And I use it quite a lot, a hundred times a day. What can I say? They know how to push my buttons. (The use of this emoji is supposed to be humorous, so please don’t take it too seriously)

I don’t want my choice of book to offend anyone but this is the book that angered me the most this year and by far. I just felt offended by a lot of elements in Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton because they could’ve made better just by actual research of the culture involved. Which happened to be my culture. Here’s my very ranty review.

cry-laughing     Jess Rothenberg - The Catastrophic History of You and Me

What I use it for: Well, this one is pretty obvious.When something is funny, and I use this one a lot too because my friends and I are pretty hilarious and it usually goes hand to hand with the previous one.

As I’m writing this, I realize that I don’t really read funny books. Like, yes some books make me laugh but their purpose isn’t to be funny, they’re just witty  and have sarcasm right up my alley. One of those is The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg. The banter in it is so cute and made me laugh more often than not. Here’s my review of it. (Which is one of the very first I’ve written for my blog)


What I use it for: When I do or say something embarassing or Something that makes me uneasy happens so I want to run away from it as fast as possible.

Little Miss Chaos by Paula R. Hamilton is a book I DNFed recently because I couldn’t take the levels of wrongness in it. It made my skin crawl and I didn’t want to suffer through it, it wasn’t worth it. Some wrong behaviors were normalized even romanticized and I don’t know if those issues got resolved but I couldn’t  bring myself to finish it and see it for myself. Here’s yet another rant of mine.

heart      Ryan Graudin - (#2) Blood for Blood

What I use it for: To be honest, this is one I rarely use, because as I’ve said many times before I am a heartless potato. But when I have my little love bursts my fingers have strong impulses to send hearts.

At the moment that I’m writing this post, I’m almost half-way through Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin, and OH MY GOD!!! It is so damn good and I already know that I love it A LOT more that the first, keeping in my mind that Wolf by Wolf was one of my favorite reads this year -and ever. I JUST AAAAAAAHHHHH!! So intense, and mind-blowing and straight up brilliant. *Burries herself back in the book*

yaa-gyasi-homegoing    anna-marie-mclemore-when-the-moon-was-ours

Also, I couldn’t help mentioning these two books because they’re stunning and brilliant and I think everyone should read them. Here’s my review for Homegoing and When the Moon was Ours

I Tag :

That’s it until next time.

If you did the tag, go ahead and leave the link in the comments so that I can check it out.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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TAG #22: The Aussie Book Tag

Hello guys !

Today is a tag that I’ve been seeing going around enviously because of how fun it seems. Well, you see, it’s the Aussie book tag and I’m no Australian. So, you ask, why are you doing this, Fadwa? Well hah, joke’s on you because Lauren made me honorary Aussie so I could do this. I’m half asleep writing this so excuse me if I don’t make sense or derail in the middle of the post. Not my fault.


This tag was created by Ngoc @ Happy Comes First and Julia @ Picnic Reads. And I was OBVIOUSLY tagged by the amazing and very true Aussie Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews. She also created the banners I will be using (because laziness And also, sleep!)

Cover = Goodreads page


Adam Silvera - More happy than not

Oh, oh, I know! Aaron from More Happy than Not by Adam Silvera. His life is so crappy and he’s so miserable that I just want to hug him and tell him that eventually everything will be okay, or just hug him and don’t let go until we’re at the other side of the planet, as far away from all the shit his life is as physically possible.


I can’t think of anything right now. It’s the other way around actually, there are a lot of books people can’t stop raving about that I just can’t see the appeal of. And the books I love are usually well loved books in the community.


The Rampion squad is GOALS !! If you don’t know where they’re from, where have you been living? And also, they’re the squad from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. They just work so well together, they all have a specific task that makes them a necessary part of the group, and they have this playful vibe about them even when things are intense that I can’t help but love.


Adam Silvera - More happy than not           anna-marie-mclemore-when-the-moon-was-ours

More Happy than Not by Adam Silvera. OH BOY! That book tore me apart, it just packed a punch in the guts that I didn’t expect. Everything was so real and nothing was made easy on the main character, it was the opposite actually which I really loved in contrast with most of the books out there where everything goes according to plan and ends up working out for the better. Also, I can’t help but mention When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore, READ THAT BOOK GUYS! It is so amazingly written.


Um! Confession time. I don’t read books by Moroccan authors. Why you ask? Because all of the ones we had as required reading in school were boring and didn’t have much going for them and I think that just left a bad image in my brain that makes me shy away from everything written by local writers. Which I’m determined to change by the way. Very soon! Baby steps.


Alwyn Hamilton - Rebel of the Sands

This could be either a heartbreaking book or simply a bad one. I’ll go with the latter Rebel of the Sands by Renée Ahdieh. No doubt. It’s been a while since I brought this book up hasn’t it? You know how I feel about it. The cover is absolutely stunning BUT the story is just dreadful, it did so many things wrong that I just couldn’t enjoy a single thing about it. It took me a long time to get over all the bad emotions that book brought up in me and I’m not willing to call on them again, so go here for my full rant review.


Markus Suzak - I Am the Messenger

The Messenger by Markus Zusak. It’s not grim per say but it just has this general heavy atmosphere about it that just weights on you, because the MC doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing with his life and everything is boring and going south for him until he actually decides that he’s better than that and moves his ass to make things better for himself (with a little -big- push of course). I’ll recommend this to EVERYONE because of it’s powerful message.



Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. That ending just had me feeling EVERYTHING and I was very impressed with how it was all wrapped up so that all the characters got their little pieces of happiness. Also, I didn’t like the first book that much and absolutely adore this one which was a real surprise since I didn’t have high expectations because of that first disappointment


Stephanie Perkins - (#3) Isla and the Happily Ever After

Stephanie Perkins, anyone? Especially Isla and the Happily Ever After. That book is one of my favorite fluffy reads and I just can’t get over how cute it is and how perfect Josh is *swoons* OMAGAAAAD!! Find me a Josh of my own, now, pls?


I told you in Monday’s Post that I’m your basic bookbitch. The genre would for sure be Contemporary, they’re just SO easy to go through and don’t put much of a strain on my brain (though it’s another story for my feels) And the author within the genre is Jandy Nelson. I’ll Give you the Sun? The Sky is Everywhere? YES, PLEASE!! I love her, her writing and her stories SO MUCH that she’s the first one I’d go to to put me out of my misery !!

That’s it until next time.

If you did the tag, go ahead and leave the link in the comments so that I can check it out.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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Little Peek #7 : July 2016

Hello Guys !

This has been a very weird month for me. I felt like it passed by very quickly but it dragged forever at the same time. HUH? August is my last uni-free month before I have to go back to studying and my internships in September 1st, though I should probably study a bit before going back haha. In other news, on Thursday I celebrated my 6th monthaversary and I lowkey freaked out because HOW can it be 6 months already, I did a little post called 12 things no one ever tells you about book blogging inspired by this little event, and a Q&A dedicated to it, as a little celebration, so check them out if you feel the need for my untamable sense of humour.


I managed to read 8 books this month which blew my mind considering how busy I was and the fact that I read only two books in the first half of it, so GOOD JOB ME ! And let’s hope next month I get to finish Harry Potter and read a couple more books, but it’s a little too ambitious knowing me haha. We’ll see how that goes. This also has been a good blogging month, I managed to stick so schedule and post 2 extra reviews to the once a week ones I dedicated myself to.


(Click on the titles to be redirected to the Goodreads page)

A Gathering of Shadows  5 stars

THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THIS BOOK’S EXISTENCE !! I loved this book more than words can express which has made this series my favorite ever right after Harry Potter. HARRY POTTER, GUYS ! That’s how much I loved it ! I get so excited for the last book each time I think of it but then I remember that I have to wait until February ’17 and I die a little inside.

Since You’ve Been Gone  3.5 stars

So, the story in itself is beautiful and I loved it. It has friendship, slow burn romance, a girl coming out of her shell, honest relationships and AN ENDEARING LITTLE BROTHER. That’s not my problem, I had issues with some technicalities that I just couldn’t brush off, the main one being the parents. Dear Lord !! Those people just magically disappeared or busied themselves conveniently when Emily needed to go on adventures or on a crazy road trip, which annoyed me immensely.

The Crown  2.5 stars

I’ll go more in details about the writing, the characters and everything in between in my full length review but all you need to know now is that even though I tried to rate this book very loosely, I couldn’t give it more that 2.5, I just had one too many issues. That being said, the character development Eadlyn went through is quite remarquable, I went from hating the shit out of her to tolerating her, so that’s something, right ?

The Bane Chronicles   4 stars

This book took me SO long to get through ! I just kept reading a few pages and putting it down for a few weeks. The first 2 stories weren’t very promising and made me want to DNF this book more times than I would like to admit. But once past those, I LOVED EVERY STORY ! They got so interesting and kept filling blank spaces of things mentioned in TMI and TID and bringing back the characters that I love and miss so much, so I flew through the rest of them, laughing at the ridiculousness of the situations Magnus got himself into and also getting to know him a lot better, behind all the glitter and the snarky comments, and I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE !!

Children of Icarus 3.5 stars

This was the most disturbing and frightening read of my life. Frightening not in a way where it is a Horror Story. Nope, it’s nope. It’s scary because it’s incredibly accurate and shows the harsh cruel creatures that humans can turn to when facing inhuman circumstances. It just made me want to hide away and never come out again but it was very well written and disgustingly gripping.  I would recommend it if you can handle it !

Isla and the Happily Ever After 5 stars

I WANT TO MARRY THIS BOOK BECAUSE OF HOW CUTE AND ROMANTIIIIIC IT IS ! I seriously loved everything about this book, the relationship is one of the most swoon-worthy romances I’ve read in a while, Isla is so damn relatable it hurts, I might also have developed a huge crush on Josh, can someone bring me a real life copy of him pretty please? I promise I’ll feed him and take him for walks and take good care of him. That ANNA AND ETIENNE MOMENT WAS THE BEST THING EVER, I definitely did not get emotional, and tears haven’t been shed, obviously.

Fairest  3.5 stars

Well, I really enjoyed getting to know Levana. Her childhood, her motives, her true appearance, the reason for it… Her true self to make it short. It was really fascinating to see how she was twisted from the very beginning, that IS how she is but it has been made deeper with every hurt, every failure. What I didn’t like is that I was made to pity her, by the tone of the novella, it was like the author was telling me this is how you should feel about poor miserable Levana, which only made me pull away further. I just didn’t feel for her or anything she went through because she made up for it with even more cruelty.

The Movie Version 2.5 stars

This is a book about mental illness. It isn’t indicated anywhere in the blurb which was very misleading if you ask me. I wished that were indicated because then people would know what to expect. Other than that the main reason I disliked this book was the fact that it had everything I wouldn’t want  to see as a reaction to someone’s diagnosis, especially a family member. I’ll put my full review up closer to the release date.


(Click on the titles to be redirected to the review)


I have been loving blogging and this community a little too much this month haha! It’s probably just the heat. But seriously, your interactions and reactions to my posts make most of my days brighter so I want to thank you AGAIN for that !

That’s it until next time.

What books did you read in July ? And what have been the Highlights of your month ?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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Tag #15 : Mid-year Book Freak out Tag

Hello guys !

It’s been forever since I last did a tag *gasps* ALMOST 2 MONTHS. That list of tags awaiting isn’t getting any shorter, so what does a girl do as a remedy to that? She does a tag she wasn’t tagged for. That’s right people ! I’m rebellious like that.

TAGS (18)

You know, they say that we’re more that half-way through 2016, but I don’t see it. I really don’t, is it February? Is it March? *Checks calendar and faints* LORD HAVE MERCY !! July is here and I can’t get over how fast this year has passed, it seems like the older I get the faster years go by and I am NOT ready to adult. Not now, not ever. So, in the midst of this -not so- mild freak-out, I decided to do a fitting tag, which is the Mid-year book freak out tag, for which, as I said previously, I wasn’t tagged but Lauren @ Wonderless reviews said that anyone can do it, so I jumped on the occasion because I am a good friend, I decided to fulfill her wish. This tag was created by Chami @ ReadLikeWildFire and Ely @ Ely Jayne. It’s where we look back at (and freak out over) the books we’ve read during the past six months. So let’s jump right into it :

Click on the book title to go to the Goodreads page.

Best book you’ve read so far in 2016

You know I can’t choose. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that there are 2 books I cannot for the life of me shut up about and those are I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson (Review) and Wolf by Wolf (Review) by Ryan Graudin. READ THEM. I just can’t get over the both. I. CAN’T.

Best sequel you’ve read so far in  2016

A Gathering of Shadows Final

A Gathering of Shadows by V.E.Schwab. I’m still in the middle of it but I’m already in love (maybe by the time this post goes up I’ll be done with). I think I can eat up anything that woman writes, it is SO GOOD. And come on, it has Thief/Pirate/Smart-ass Lila in it and I can’t get enough of her witts.

New Release you haven’t read yet but you want to

There are two -again- that I cannot wait to read. One of which I already have and I plan to buddy read in a couple of weeks, it is And I Darken by Kiersten White. The other one, is one that I recently learnt about but that I cannot wait to get since, it is Juliet takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera.

Most Anticipated Books for the Second Half of the year

SO MANY. I’m trying to catch up on backlist titles more than keeping up with new releases, is it a wise thing to do? I don’t know ! Is it working for me? Yes ! Although I am finding it harder and harder to resist ALL THE BOOKS that are coming out. It is just too much for my grabby hands to behave. Here are some : When Michael Met Mina by Randa Abdel-Fattah, Labyrith Lost by Zoraida Cordova, Three Dark Crowns by Blake Kendare, Gemini by Sonya Mukherjee.

Ryan Graudin - (#2) Blood for Blood

But the mother of all anticipations is the one animating me for Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin which is the sequel to Wolf by Wolf, I get SO excited/nervous/dead just thinking about it. I NEED IT NOW.

Biggest Disappointment

Alwyn Hamilton - Rebel of the Sands

You’ve probably seen this one coming because my review for this book just went up a few days ago, it is Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. There was a time when I was very excited to read this book but as time went by and I started seeing negative reviews surging, my excitement for it went down as well as my hopes. And though I suspected I wouldn’t enjoy it, I still gave it a go and my suspicions became a reality.

Biggest Surprise

The girl in 6E

The Girl in 6E with no doubt. This is one sick, twisted, crazy book and I loved it. It made me doubt my sanity because I found myself rooting for a bloody murderer. I went into it with very low expectations because that is not what I normally read and it was a complete surprise when I enjoyed it so much. I hope to read the sequels soon.

Favorite New Author (Debut or new to you)

  • Ryan Graudin
  • Jandy Nelson
  • V.E Schwab

Newest Fictional Crush

Mmm … Let me think about it. Oh I KNOW ! Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles. I love him so so so much. He’s witty and hilarious and just perfect. I can’t help but giggle each time there’s a scene with him in it, even the most dramatic ones. Yep.

Newest Favorite Character

There’s Yael from Wolf by Wolf but I guess that one was at the beginning of the year so the most recent one is Lila from A Darker Shade of Magic. Oh boy ! She’s amazing. They both are actually, the two most kickass protagonists I’ve read about.

Book that made you cry

Jojo Moyes - Me Before You

Pft ! Obvious one. I teared up at the epilogue of Me Before you by Jojo Moyes because that letter was just my undoing. I just seem to have a soft spot for heart-wrenching letters like that because this is definitely not the first time something like that gets me. (The book that made me sob is I’ll Give you the Sun but I already used that one and I don’t want you to kill me, but I HAD to bring it up, didn’t I?)

Book that made you happy

Rainbow Rowell - Fangirl 2

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I’m late to the party I know, everyone, their mother and their dog read it a couple years ago, but hey, I just got back on track. That book made me so happy with all its quirkiness, fangirling and awkwardness.

Favorite Book to Movie Adaptation

I sadly haven’t watched any yet but I’ve made a list throughout the year and what a list indeed ! Summer has just began so I intend to catch up on them all and then decide which one I like best but for now, I have none to talk to you about.

Favorite Post you have done this year

Unpopular (7)

I think that it might be the one from Monday, “My diverse reading – Or lack there of” . It wasn’t only a post but also a shift in my own reading habits which makes it kind of very personal but I had to share it with you guys. And your responses have been wonderful with some of you relating, others giving advice, it just made me tremendously happy.

Most Beautiful Book You’ve bought this year

Claudia Gray -  (#1) A Thousand Pieces of You

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. I’m seriously in love with that book’s cover and I can’t wait to dive into it. It’s been judging me for a couple months now waiting to be picked up but it’s just … SO MANY BOOKS.

What book do you need to read by the end of the year

Adam Silvera - More happy than not

You mean every book ever? Yeah that’s why I thought ! But one that I’ve been meaning to read for quite a while now and that I want to get to before the end of the year is More Happy than Not by Adam Silvera. I heard so many great things about it and I can’t wait to see for myself what it holds inside. Though I really need to get into every book on this list and start -almost- every series on this one.

I Tag :

Reg @ She Latitude

Shealea @ That Bookshelf Bitch

Astra @ A Stranger’s Guide to Novels

My Book File

Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff

And whoever wants to join the freak out party.

Ps: If you’ve already done it or you just don’t feel like it, I’m sorry just ignore my tag hah.

That’s it until next time.

If you did the tag, go ahead and leave the link in the comments so that I can check it out.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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Rebel of the Sands – When Desert snowflake meets lack of research

Alwyn Hamilton - Rebel of the Sands

Title : Rebel of the Sands (Rebel of the Sands #1)

Author : Alwyn Hamilton

Publication date : February 4th 2016

Publisher : Faber and Faber

Genre : Young Adult | Fantasy

Synopsis : She’s more gunpowder than girl—and the fate of the desert lies in her hands.
Mortals rule the desert nation of Miraji, but mystical beasts still roam the wild and barren wastes, and rumor has it that somewhere, djinni still practice their magic. But there’s nothing mystical or magical about Dustwalk, the dead-end town that Amani can’t wait to escape from.
Destined to wind up “wed or dead,” Amani’s counting on her sharpshooting skills to get her out of Dustwalk. When she meets Jin, a mysterious and devastatingly handsome foreigner, in a shooting contest, she figures he’s the perfect escape route. But in all her years spent dreaming of leaving home, she never imagined she’d gallop away on a mythical horse, fleeing the murderous Sultan’s army, with a fugitive who’s wanted for treason. And she’d never have predicted she’d fall in love with him… or that he’d help her unlock the powerful truth of who she really is.

Rating : 1 star

Copy of Word Wonders (2)

“Tell me and we’ll walk away. Right now. Go and save ourselves and leave them to die. All you’ve got to do is say the word. Tell me that that’s how you want your story to go and we’ll write it straight across the sand and sea. Just say it.”

(All spoilers are hidden)

I thought I was a very easy reader to please, but it turned out I am not. At least, not anymore. Or am I still and it is the book’s fault? I don’t know, all I know is that I can’t seem to understand where all the praising and raving over this book is coming from or what the reason for it is, I just don’t see it and neither does Fatima @ Noteable Pad (click on the link to read her review, AKA best review EVER) whom I buddy-read it with. We ranted and screamed and rolled our eyes endless amounts of times, it got to the point where everything was hilarious.

I started off really bothered by the writing and I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was about it that just didn’t do it for me until Fatima put it into words, what she said was “It is a lot of this happened and then this and then that” and that’s the perfect wait to sum it up, it is emotionless which made it really hard for me to connect with anything. It was also very inconsistent, most of it is like I said before or very cliché and eye-roll worthy like this : “I was a desert girl. I thought I knew heat. I was wrong” referring to the love interest, while I found some beautiful imageries and sentences that made me wonder if the book wasn’t written by two people: “”You are this country, Amani.” He spoke more quietly now.”More alive that anything ought to be in this place. All fire and gunpowder, with one finger always on the trigger.””. The writing also suffered from a lot of draggy and unnecessary descriptions that added nothing to the story and even made it confusing and hard to follow.

Ah! The plot! What a marvelous thing it was (can you sense my sarcasm ?). First of all, the premise could’ve made for a splendid tale but, as you may have guessed it, it failed. It had all the elements needed at arm’s reach. A desert full of danger. A rebellion. A magic system with endless possibilities. But all of it wasn’t properly explored. Granted, there were some unexpected turns that surprised me but that was cut short. The thing that frustrated me the most was how so many events that could’ve made for epic scenes were skipped over. ESPECIALLY THE FIGHT SCENES, and even more especially the last one, the one that was supposed to be this thrilling head-spinning fight was barely there. I don’t know. When I think fantasy I immediately think epic battles, is it just me? And this book left me hangry (yes, hungry AND angry) because it didn’t deliver.

Also, the explanations given for certain events were ridiculous, just freaking hilarious because it was a bunch of non-sense. <Spoiler> HOW THE HELL DIDN’T AMANI KNOW ABOUT BEING A DEMDJI HER WHOLE LIFE ? Iron they said. Hah, really? Do you really think I’m that stupid? Why doesn’t it work you ask? I shall answer. For one, it says the iron in her gun prevents her power from surging but did she sleep with it? Bath with it? I hear you saying “But even without a gun, Dustwalk is charged with Iron” I answer that Sazi is even more charged because it actually has the factory in it and it only took Noorsham a few days away from the factory -not even from Sazi- to blow up the whole God damned factory. <End of spoiler> So I’m going to need a more logical explanation please.

Why, why, why? Why did the author have to take the stereotype, negative parts of the Middle East, smash them with some Western elements and do this ? I honestly got offended by this book, it took misogyny and oppression and showcased them in the most horrendous ways (not that they can be showcased in any other way), here’s an actual dialogue line straight out of the very first chapters : “”She’s needing of a husband” My uncle Asid’s voice carried more than his first wife’s. “A man could finally beat some sense into her.”” WHAT THE ACTUAL BLOODY HELL ? This is not okay, I choked on my own saliva when I read this. Oh, and the best is, that same uncle decided that the best was to marry her himself. I. JUST. CAN’T.

The mythology elements were really great to read about. I’ve always been intrigued by all kinds of mystical creatures so learning about these new ones the author introduced was fascinating. I loved the stories about Buraqis, Ghouls and Djinns. But here’s the thing, those creatures described in the books ARE NOT Djinns. I don’t know if the author knows this, but Djinns are actual non-mythological beings that are believed in by Muslims all over the globe, those described are straight out of cartoons and not from the culture itself. If you want to create a mystical characters, by all means, I’m not one to discourage you, but don’t do so and try to pin the name of something completely different on it. That’s where the lack of research really struck me and I started noticing it in other details over the story. Then come the Demdjis. First of all, their introduction to the story was completely random and out of nowhere, here again, I really liked it at first but then it started feeling like an excuse for people to have powers. Talking of power <Spoiler> Amani’s discovered hers. Okay. It’s out of control at first. Completely understandable. But then, suddenly without any training whatsoever, in a matter of hours, she becomes the master of sand while right before that other Demdjis said that it took practice. Excuse me, WHAT? Just no.<End of spoiler>

This story introduces a very wide cast of characters so, if I were to detail them all as I usually do this review will turn into an essay and we don’t want that do we ? So I’ll go into detail about our main character only.

Amani is probably the character I despised the most in my whole life. She’s just a big no to me. The author tries so hard to set her apart from the rest that she ended up suffering from what I like to call the SSS : The Special Snowflake Syndrome. She’s this blue-eyed girl where everyone has dark features. She has 3 marriage proposals in a matter of 3 chapters or so. She wants to master a gun and be free where all women are submissive. But that just made her out to be rebellious and reckless. And she quite frankly seemed out of place, she didn’t have regards for anything related to her people’s way of living, she just didn’t belong in that scenery, she’s too modern thinking for the setting she was placed in. And don’t even get me started on how big of a selfish brat she is. <Spoiler>Who flees leaving their bestfriend to die because of her? Well Amani does. Tamid was such a good sport to her, always there for her when she literally had no one. And what does he get in return ? A bullet through the leg. <End of Spoiler> She just doesn’t care about anyone but herself, leaving people behind very easily and without any remorse. And I don’t count those two lines of “Oh I shouldn’t leave people behind anymore” remorse.

Until Jin shows up that is. With his foreigner features and muscular chest that she doesn’t fail to gush over. The girl suddenly leaves everything she once wanted and is ready to follow him wherever he goes. WHERE IS YOUR SENSE OF PURPOSE, GIRL ? So, for a big chunk of the book, this MC has no goal. Nothing. Nada. Rien. And I cannot fathom it. <Spoilers> First, the girl wants to go to Izman. Great, she wants to get away. Then, Jin comes and she doesn’t even know where the hell he’s going but she drops everything and follows. THEN, when they get to the rebellion, it only takes them two words for her to be convinced by the cause’s righteousness. So much for being a smart person. She’s not even a little suspicious. NOT. ONE. BIT. <End of Spoiler>

One thing I liked is the duo that Amani and Jin formed, but that too wasn’t well developed. DAMN IT !!! WHY OH WHY ? Their banter is good, they balance each other, but 2 months of life together were skipped in the story so we didn’t get to experience as they grew closer and got to know each other *bangs head against wall* I really don’t understand why this book has made a habit of skipping all the good parts.

This is my longest review yet and believe me and can still go on and on and on but I won’t. You’ve understood it by now. I am not a fan. This book needs a lot more research to get everything it did wrong right and I wish it were done because then, it would’ve been great, but now it’s not.

*Special credits to that gorgeous cover. I’m so in love with it ! Looking at it I can almost forget that I didn’t like this book.

That’s it until next time.

Did you read Rebel of the Sands ? If so, what did you think of it?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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Little Peek #6 : June 2016

Hello guys !

I’ll start this wrap-up with a very cliché sentence that I’ll compel you to forget as soon as you read it, here is it: WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE ? How is it already June? It feels like I just started blogging a month ago but counting it’s been five months and is so crazy to me. *Now you forget*


This has been an okay month reading wise. I managed to read 5 books which I am really proud of considering that for one it is Ramadan and also because I had my internship for 3 weeks and it was exhausting but also really good. So, let’s just say that reading -and by extension blogging- wasn’t a priority.

My previous little peek format isn’t fitting my needs anymore so I’m trying something new this month.


Lola and the Boy Next Door  3.5 stars

Like the first installment, the romance in this book is SO cute but it didn’t have me as invested and rooting as I was for Anna and St Clair. Probably because I wanted to smack Lola on the head through it all for her decision making skills ? I really felt bad for Cricket for everything she put him through.

Never, Never #2                        4 stars

This was as good as part 1 if not better. The suspens was CRAZY and I literally couldn’t put it down, I read it in one sitting without taking my eyes off of it for one single second. Things got confusing then got clear then confusing again.

Never, Never #3                    1 star

*gasps* “BUT FADWA, WHAT HAPPENED ?” That’s what you’re probably wondering since I just gave part 2 4stars but yeah, if you want to know how frustrated that ending made me and how anticlimactic everything was, take a look at my review.

A Darker Shade of Magic    4.5 stars

This book. THIS BOOK. It is so freaking great, most unique story and world building I’ve read in a while. Awesome magic. Well developed characters. Head-spinning action. JUST GO READ IT IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY *throws book at you* I know that I am late to this party but yeah, I’M IN GUYS !!!

Rebel of the Sands               1 star

Oh boy ! First of all this was a buddy read with my amazing friend and ranting buddy Fatima @ Noteable Pad, and let me just tell you, we didn’t like, not at all, not one bit. We had so many issues (MC, world building, writing …) with it that even the few good parts couldn’t save it for us.


Clockwork Princess 5 stars

Cress                            5 stars

Never, Never               3 stars


As you can see, not a lot of post this month, I’m also behind on visiting other blogs and answering comments but I have a 6 hours drive to my grandpa’s house next week to catch on all of this. Also, I’m done with all my graphics, now all my posts are happy little things.

I wanted to thank everyone who’s been SO responsive to #FMTM, your comments really made me very happy and I can’t wait to share more of my country with you all, SO another post (and many more after that) is to be expected in July introducing a new city, new outfit and YUMMINESS !!

That’s it until next time.

What books did you read in June ?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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