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Hello beautiful potatoes ! Welcome to my little bubble of books, life and positivity – mostly.


IMG_20161226_175138_572.jpgMy name is Fadwa, a 20 year old book-devourer, a baby medstudent, born and raised in Morocco.
I basically run on books, tv-shows and music.
I love traveling (I don’t do that much but still, a girl can dream) , taking pictures and food. I am a tiny little bit obsessed with sunsets, the beach, and other things that mother nature has to offer.

Now, let’s dive into serious matters !  Books are my passion, and as any other passion, I want to share it. That is where this blog comes in. Reviewing -more like raving, squealing and fangirling – the books I read will primarily be to record my thoughts and be able to come back to them whenever I want to. And because the book community has given me so much, I wanted to be an active part of it and give back even if it is just a fraction.


This blog will hopefully – feed your hunger for bookish talks as well as non-bookish ones. OH! And let’s not forget, it will also take you on an adventure across Morocco one post at a time with the feature that we shall call Follow Me Through Morocco (#FMTM).

I also recently became more invested in representation and diversity in books but as I became more involved in the community, the focus of my blog started naturally shifting to advocate and talk about all things diversity related. All of this being said,  I will be mainly showcasing books featuring or/and written by marginalized voices. The #Diversebookbloggers community taught me so much and expanded my TBR immensely and so I decided to become an active part of it.

I generally post my reviews on Friday, and I mainly focus on Young-Adult, though I also like to think of myself as a reading butterfly and tend to read across all age groups. My favorite genres are Fantasy, Contemporary and Historical Fiction. All my reviews are posted on my blog (Duh !) as well as on Goodreads and promoted on my Twitter account.

Books that I can’t shut up about : (= Favorite Books)

  • I’ll Give you the Sun – Jandy Nelson
  • How to Make a Wish – Ashley Herring Blake
  • The Shades of Magic Trilogy – V. E. Schwab
  • Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi
  • When the Moon was Ours – Anna-Marie Mc Lemore
  • Six of Crows Duology – Leigh Bardugo

The main purpose of this little piece of the internet in to interact with all of you bookworms (or is it book-dragons ?) so I’ll be more than happy to chat with you on whatever you want either in the comment section or on Twitter, even by mail if that’s what makes you comfortable. May they be questions, suggestions, recommendations or just to say Hi, just do it and that’ll seriously probably possibly make my day.

My goal ? Spread the love ! So I’ll be thrilled to accept review copies from authors and publishers who are interested in sending me their books to promote. That will in no way, shape or form influence my opinion of said book. You can refer to my Review Policy section for more information as well as to my Review Index to get a general idea of the books I read.

My Rating System : here

For further chatting, contact me at :
Disclaimer : Most the GIFs and Images used on my blog (aside from the banners) are not mine and found for free use somewhere on the interweb. Reviews on the other hand are 100% mine so please do not take for your own use unless given the permission to do so.
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